Artifact Donations - NNAM


Donations of Artifacts, Photographs, and Archival Materials

The National Naval Aviation Museum (NNAM)  thanks you for your interest in donating your artifacts and archival materials! The mission of the National Naval Aviation Museum, an official Department of the Navy museum, is to “select, collect, preserve and display historic artifacts relating to the history of Naval Aviation.”

To accomplish this goal, NNAM acquires a wide variety of artifacts and historic materials for use in exhibits, as reference materials, and to assist in conducting original research on U.S. Naval history, which includes Navy, Marine Corps, and U.S. Coast Guard personnel. The museum follows the ethical guidelines for acquiring artifacts established by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) and reviews every donation offer to determine whether it meets NNAM collection needs and falls within the museum’s mission.

How do I contact the Museum to make an artifact donation?

If you have artifacts that you would like to donate to the museum, please email or call our Curator, Ms. Dina Linn:;
(850) 452-8227.

If you wish to donate archival material, please email or call our Archivist, Mr. Jared Galloway:;
(850) 452-4698.

Please include a list of the items you are offering (photographs of the items are also very helpful) along with as much detailed information as you have about the items and/or the person who used them.

What does NNAM collect?

NNAM collects artifacts and archival materials in a selective and responsible manner by following its collections rationale which details the kinds of items that can be collected.

Common items of interest to the museum include but are not limited to:

  • Well-documented uniform items
  • Issued gear and equipment
  • Memorabilia
  • Original artwork
  • Family items

The museum is home to the Emil Buehler Library & Archive, which accepts a wide range of primary and secondary source material, including photographs, log books, diaries, squadron histories, cruise books, etc.  NNAM broadly collects items associated with Naval Aviation from 1911 to the present day, items related to foes that the Navy has faced, and items associated with allies and partners.

Can I just mail or drop off a donation to the Museum?

No, NNAM does not accept unsolicited donations.

Due to the volume of annual donation offers, the museum cannot accept unsolicited material dropped off at the museum or sent through the mail. Donations can only be dropped off at the museum after written or verbal confirmation with the Curator or Archivist.