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Jet Age Innovations

F7U-3M Cutlass

One of the unique airplanes in Naval Aviation history, the Cutlass featured a tailless design, the vertical stabilizers positioned on the wings.  One of the airplane’s major faults was that it was underpowered, prompting the nickname “Gutless Cutlass.”  The Blue Angels evaluated it as a possible air show aircraft, wisely turning it down.

F11F-1 Tiger

The fuselage of the F11F-1 was a so-called Coke bottle design, bending inward over the wings to improve airflow in high-speed flight.  A civilian test pilot once shot himself down during a flight in a Tiger, the jet intakes ingesting spent shell casings after he fired the guns, damaging the engines.  The Tiger on display

F4D-1 Skyray

The Skyray had an appropriate nickname; when viewed from above the shape of its rounded delta wing resembled a stingray. Pilots called it the “Ford” based on its F4D designation.  The airplane boasted a rapid climb rate, which prompted its use in an experimental project investigating launching a satellite using a rocket fired from an

Skylab Command Module

Before the modern International Space Station, a laboratory known as Skylab orbited the earth during the period 1973–1979.  The museum displays the command module that carried an all-Navy crew consisting of astronauts Pete Conrad, Paul Weitz and Joseph Kerwin to Skylab, where they spent 28 days in orbit during May–June 1973.  This spacecraft is on