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R4D-5L Skytrain

A unique version of the C-47 Skytrain that dropped paratroopers into Normandy during the D-Day invasion, the museum’s R4D-5L is the famous “Que Sera Sera.”  Its landing gear fitted with skis, it made the first landing by an airplane at the South Pole on October 31, 1956.  Another Naval Aviator, Rear Admiral Richard Byrd, and

P2V-1 Neptune

With the advent of nuclear weapons, the Navy evaluated the abilities of its newest aircraft and their crews to perform long-range missions.  Nicknamed the “Truculent Turtle” in the tradition of the old fable The Tortoise and the Hare, the P2V-1 Neptune on display was slow but steady in establishing a world record for long-distance unrefueled

Lunar Module

A replica of the Lunar Module, the spider-like spacecraft that carried the astronauts to the lunar surface, is the centerpiece of the museum’s exhibit devoted to the Apollo program. Also on display is an example of the boilerplate capsules used by the Navy to practice spacecraft recovery after splashdown and details about the specific American