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K-Class Control Car

Blimps provided an effective way to combat enemy submarine attacks against convoys because they could remain airborne much longer that conventional aircraft.  On only one occasion did a K-class airship engage an enemy submarine, the crew of a German U-boat shooting it down with a deck gun.  Museum staff located the control car in a

L-8 Control Car

Procured from Goodyear to support the expansion of Naval Aviation’s airship fleet, the L-8 delivered vital parts to USS Hornet (CV 8) after the carrier departed California carrying the Doolittle Raiders and their aircraft for their famous raid on Tokyo.  The L-8’s most famous flight inspired the nickname Ghost Ship, the blimp with the control

ZPG-2 Snow Bird

The museum displays the cockpit section of the ZPG-2 Snow Bird,  which on March 15, 1957, established a long-distance unrefueled flight record when it landed at Naval Air Station Key West, Florida, after traveling a distance of 9,448 miles.  During the flight, it spent 264.2 hours straight in the air.  President Dwight D. Eisenhower presented